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Oneball Racer X-Wax Overlay Snow Wax

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One highly fluorinated temperature specific bar (70g) to be hot waxed as the top layer. Also contains a non-fluoro base conditioner wax to be used to clean and condition the base. Do not mix with race waxes.

  • Unscented
  • Sold in singles
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Dave H.
flouro or hydro?

i think it works pretty good. the top layer that is. it doesn't say what the conditioning wax is, as far as chemical makeup. is it a low flouro or a hydro wax? if you know, please let inquiring minds know. i do know that the molecules of hydro waxes do not mix/bond to flouro's so it would be strange to have a hydro "conditioning" wax as a first coat when the flouro top coats wouldn't properly bond to produce the results the product is designed to do. i'm telling myself it's a low flouro and use it mixed with other cheaper low flouros for hotscraping. the top coat is a nice size block. should last quite awhile when used sparingly (crayon method).