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Arbor Satori Camber Snowboard

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Bryan Iguchi has secured a legendary status in snowboarding’s history. For more than 20 years Bryan has driven the trends, engaged in the community, and contributed to its culture as it evolved around him. His experience is unparalleled and his knowledge of snowboarding goes deep. In his newest creation, Guch approaches snowboarding with a mindset of humility to mirror the evolution of his own riding trajectory. The “fun and friendly, solid and stable” Satori. “I’m making a conscious effort to bring balance to my life and symmetry to my snowboarding and I feel like the Satori is the answer. I am growing and evolving my intentions on the mountain and this is the board that matches that… My thought LVWRGHVLJQDVKRUWZLGHSRZORYLQJERDUG,W·VIUHHVW\OHIRFXVHGZLWKDGHHSVLGHFXW*ULS7HFKDQGPHGLXPÁH[ZLWKD stable tail. Exaggerated Uprise Fenders and long, drawn-out ramping nose to give it additional lift in the pow and give it a more fun, friendly feel. I want to go out and ride all conditions and just have fun.”

  • Bamboo Powerply
  • 2x4 14 Pack Inserts
  • Wend Natural Wax
  • Sintered Base
  • .6 cm Taper
  • Mixed Glassing
  • 360 Fully Wrapped Sidewalls
  • Bio-Resin
  • Recycled Steel Edges
  • Double Barrel II Core
  • Flex Meter: 5/10

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