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OneBall Supremely Hot Tuning Kit

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The Supreme Tuning Kit: For Who? We put this kit together along with and the Supreme Tune Kit to be used by skiers and snowboarders alike. Just about everything you will need to get your equipment ready to go. You need edges that are smooth, sharp, and rust free. And you need some wax on the base to get the most our of your equipment and day. Includes: Custom Iron, 4WD Cool 165g bar. (World Cup proven formula) Large Edger Tool, 8" metal file, gummy Stone, File Brush, 6" scraper, Metal Scraper, White and Black P-Tex sticks, Instructions and a high quality, long lasting, custom zippered pouch to keep it all in. (Kit ships in the Blue Stix colorway bag for now)

Custom Hot Waxing Iron

  • 4WD Cool Wax 165g bar
  • Large Edger Tool
  • 8" Metal File
  • Gummy Stone
  • File Brush
  • 6" Scraper
  • Metal Scraper
  • P-Tex Sticks

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