Smith Helmet Size Charts

Helmet Sizing and Fit

Getting the correct helmet size makes sure that your helmet is not only comfy (because let’s be honest, if a helmet is uncomfortable you won’t be stoked to wear it) but also that it functions at its best to help keep you safe in an accident.

Finding Your Helmet Size

How do you determine helmet size? Measure your head circumference in centimeters by wrapping a flexible tape measure in centimeters around the largest portion of your head—about one inch above your eyebrows. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, you can also use a piece of string and then measure that with a ruler.

Final Adjustments

Once you’ve determined your size and ordered your new helmet, there are a couple of final adjustments to make so that it fits properly. Use the adjustment dial at the back of the helmet to fine-tune the fit of your helmet. Your helmet should feel snug but not tight and should stay put if you shake your head up and down and back and forth. Next, buckle the chin strap, and adjust it so that if you open your mouth wide, your helmet presses slightly into the top of your head.  You should be able to fit two fingers between the buckled helmet chin strap and your chin.

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