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  • Flow Men's Nx2-Tm Hybrid Snowboard Bindings - Black - Snowboard Bindings
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Flow Men's Nx2-Tm Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

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The all-new NX2-TM Hybrid is light, lean and functional, and an instant team-rider favorite for it's simplicity, efficiency and reliability. The rockered Aluminum NX2 baseplate is famous for being stiff and responsive, but still allows natural boardflex. The medium-stiff Asymmetrical hiback hits the ideal balance of being supportive and playful, and linked to the baseplate by the PowerTriangle cable geometry you still enjoy those quick edge transitions. We've kept this binding as light and simple but functional as possible. Hybrid straps offer more lateral flex than Fusion straps, but their 3-point connection still delivers an efficient energy transfer. The ExoFrame ankle-strap and the Hexo-toecap with its exclusive auxetic pattern that won't deform, both form-fit over your boots really well. The Dual-Entry function of the Hybrids gives you the option to get in&out through the straps by using the LSR-ratchets, or to use the ActiveStrap assisted reclining hiback. Less is certainly more for the NX2-TM's, which makes them ideal for doing what our team loves; riding everywhere on the mountain with total confidence and fun.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Rider Ideal Boot Size: MP 26.5-28.0
  • Rider Level: Advanced, Expert
  • Material Composition: Aluminum Alloy Rockered NX2-Series
  • Glass-filled Nylon Asym Uniback Fuse-Series
  • ExoFrame Hybrid
  • Hexo AuxTech Toecap
  • LSR Locking Slap Ratchets
  • Features: Active Strap Tech2.5° Canted BankBedsN-Gel CushioningAuxTechAluminum MultiDisks
  • Sustainability: Production facility corresponds to our Code of Conduct
  • Flex: 7