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  • Flow Men's Nx2-Cx Hybrid Snowboard Bindings - Graphite - Snowboard Bindings
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Flow Men's Nx2-Cx Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

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The NX2-CX Hybrid is one of the stiffest and most responsive bindings in our line-up, perfect for high-performance freeriding and laying down fast carves. The Aluminum baseplate and CarboN-Infused Hiback materials increase rigidity and maximize power transfer, and both are connected by the PowerTriangle cable for those super direct toe & heel turns. The Hybrid PowerStraps give a little more freedom of range than the Fusion straps and feel closer to a traditional 2-strap toecap setup, but the 3-point connection still allows an efficient energy transfer. They form-fit really well especially the AuxTech toecaps, which use an auxetic pattern to form-fit any toebox shape without deforming the material. The Dual-Entry function of the Hybrids gives you the option to get in&out through the straps by using the Aluminum LSR-ratchets, or to use the ActiveStrap assisted reclining hiback. We're confident these are the stiffest, lightest and most reactive bindings possible, so that when you're at the peak of a mountain or carving at full speed, you know you can trust in the NX2-CX.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Rider Ideal Boot Size: MP 26.5-28.0
  • Rider Level: Advanced, Expert
  • Material Composition: Aluminum Alloy Rockered NX2-Series
  • CarboN-Infused Nylon Asym Uniback Fuse-Series
  • ExoFrame Hybrid
  • Hexo AuxTech Toecap
  • Aluminum LSR Locking Slap Ratchets
  • Features: Active Strap Tech2.5° Canted BankBedsN-Gel CushioningAuxTechAluminum MultiDisks
  • Sustainability: Production facility corresponds to our Code of Conduct
  • Flex: 10